5 More Reasons To Love Florida’s Manatee Population – Anna Maria Island

Manatee’s are essentially the teddy bears of the sea-munching on seaweed, nuzzling whatever they encounter with their little whiskers and generally just rolling around the ocean nomming on greens and living their manatee lives – they are also an essential part of the natural marine ecosystem. With only three species of Manatee’s left in the world it is important now more than ever to spread awareness of their importance and for us all to do our best to try to preserve one of the few remaining cuddly sea mammals we have left in the 21st century.

From Left to Right: West Indian Manatee, West African Manatee, Amazonian Manatee

Marine Ecosystems (1).jpg

Feel free to use our info-graph to help spread awareness with a link-back or mention of our page.

Interested in doing something to help the manatee population? With minimal effort required we can all find time to do even the smallest contribution to help them live longer and fuller lives, click here for the FL Wildlife Conservation page on what you can do to make a difference!

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