10 Ways To Use Your Pumpkins After Halloween

It turns out un-carved pumpkins are perfectly food for up to 12 weeks after you buy them! Whether you sliced into yours or not you can browse our list and enjoy one of these rad recycling tips (and possibly save a few bucks on your Thanksgiving décor)!


• O N E •

Make pumpkin puree – you’ll need it for a couple of the ideas down the list anyway. One pumpkin typically gives you more than enough to do multiple projects and you can always use them for your fall recipes. 

We love this quick easy instructional from Good House Keeping!

• T W O •

Who doesn’t love pumpkin seeds? If you didn’t gut your pumpkin, do it now! Weed through the inner slim once you’ve halved the pumpkin and seperate the seeds into a strainer, rinse them and then spice them up with one of these awesome spins from a pin we found:



• T H R E E •

Make pumpkin bowls! Those adorable micro pumpkins make perfect side dish bowls, a giant pumpkin is perfect for a harvest salad and looks stunning in the center of your dinner table, medium pumpkins can be used for main course bowls-soups, salads, pasta!

• F O U R •


Make pumpkin potters! Head to one of the ridiculously low priced plant nursery’s and make a day of it in Myakka (check out Hunsader’s if you have free time while in the area). Pick a durable flower (we asked for assistance and was recommended Chrysanthemums) BONUS: When your pumpkin potter starts to look less than new you can transfer it to your garden IN THE PUMPKIN! Nature will take care of the rest as far as the biodegrading and all earthy stuff.

H&H Nursery • 19720 E State Rd 64 Bradenton, FL 34212  • (941) 708-0907

Mariposa Nursery • 5020 Lorraine Rd Bradenton, FL 34211 • (941) 747-0499


Ralph Taylor’s Nurseries • 4973 Lorraine Rd, Bradenton, FL 34211 •  (941) 741-2045

• F I V E •

Pumpkin Spice Latte’s! Now that we have your attention, did you know latteyou can actually make these at home? This recipe from greatist was…the greatest.

• S I X •

Upcycle! Round up those pumpkins you were going to toss and put them to a good cause, composting is a great way to nourish your garden and enrich the soil, start with this step by step from Earth Easy. Some other ways to recycle is to donate your pumpkin or call the local zoo/rescue to see if they accept them for food as many do! 

• S E V E N •

Decorate for Thanksgiving! Have a plethora of decorative squashes along with your Halloween pumpkin? Put your pumpkin as a center piece (even better if you used our potted plant idea) and scatter around some gourds for a festive fall aesthetic! 


If you have a white pumpkin (or white paint) & a gold Sharpie this LollyJane DIY is for you!

• E I G H T •

Get cooking! Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, pumpkin cookies, oh and our favorite-pumpkin bread! The list could go on and on (and so could our calorie fest). Scroll up to step 1 and whip up some easy pumpkin puree then take your pick of which pumpkin perfection you plan to create! 

• N I N E •

Fall facials! Again, you’ll need the puree before you can make this one (scroll up to #1). Pumpkins are actually a super food, loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and Zinc which are all amazing for your skin and can probably be found on the ingredient list of any of your skin care products.

This pumpkin facial DIY from Vitacost will leave you glowing!


• T E N •

“Pumpkins are for the birds” in the literal sense. For a spin on the previously mentioned pumpkin serving bowls you can also make a bird feeder! Since Anna Maria Island is bird sanctuary there is no shortage of Audubon affectionates here, pick up some wild bird seed at Publix, Walmart, CVS or Walgreens!











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