What To Do In Venice, Florida

Looking for a spontaneous getaway destination great for dining, drinking and delighting in the glowing waters of the Florida Gulf coast? Venice could be the answer, check out our favorite must do’s while in this historical and homey town tucked away into South Sarasota County. Venice, as you may have guessed is aptly named for it’s nod to true Venetian architecture that is showcased in its classical downtown district. Along the coast there are about 14 miles of breath taking beaches famed for the abundance of fossilized shark teethe, a vibrant coral reef and massive 700 ft pier that looms over the aquamarine sea. Visitors to the Venice area can spend their day basking in the sun along the shores, taking in architectural brilliance dating back to 1925, frolicking in the verdant state parks, splashing around in and interactive fountain, delving into the theatre scene or trying out the culinary scene and experiencing the divinity of South Sarasota seafood!

Access clickable links by downloading our PDF copy – click here!!


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